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LED Lighting Installation in Yarra Valley, Melbourne


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Have you heard the buzz surrounding LED lighting? These days people do not only use LEDs for a brighter lighting solution, but they have adapted these lights for aesthetic and decorative purposes as well. At ACG Electrical, we can assist you with all your LED lighting requirements, whether it is for a major project that impacts the value of your property or whether your teenager simply wants some colour-changing LED lights strung around their bedroom.

What You Need to Know About our LED Lighting Solutions

We have a wide choice of LED lighting options to fulfill your specific requirements.

We take pleasure in being a green and ecologically friendly firm that focuses on renewable energy solutions and applications with minimal power usage.

  • Security lights using LEDs

  • LED lighting upgrades

  • Factory lighting with LEDs

  • Sports field lighting with LEDs

  • Retail and commercial lighting with LEDs

There are hundreds of different items available to throw light on all of your lighting challenges, thanks to breakthroughs in the creation of LED lighting.

Why Should You Consider LED Lighting in Yarra Valley?

Outdoor security lighting is an excellent addition in Yarra Valley, Melbourne. The outdated halogen security lights were inefficient and expensive to operate.

Today, we have considerably more energy-efficient LED security lights that come in various forms and sizes and can light up an area as tiny as a courtyard to as large as a sports field while consuming a fraction of the electricity that traditional lighting did.

LED lighting has an average lifespan of 10,000 hours, which corresponds to roughly five years, in addition to the money you are going to save on electricity costs. This means you save money not only on your electricity bills but also on maintenance costs, as you do not have to continually change those bothersome light bulbs.

However, LED lights are not just for security illumination. From your nightstand light to all of your downlights, LED bulbs can be used to replace any modern illumination. We can replace the bulbs in your existing light fixtures with new LED bulbs. There are dimmable as well as non-dimmable variants available.

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Therefore, if you want to save money on your electricity bills and avoid having to replace lamps all the time, give us a call immediately. At ACG Electrical, our team is always ready to assist you and treat your property as if it were our own.


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